Managing and charging for parking is an emotive issue, and if recent news is to be believed, a costly one for many local authorities including Cork City and Kildare County, both having spent over €400,000 more on their parking management contracts last year, than the amount recovered from paid parking and fines.

Managing parking is more than introducing parking restrictions, putting up ticket machines, employing wardens, ticketing, clamping and towing cars. Well designed parking schemes are sensitive to the functionality of a place or street, and balance the needs of liveability, traffic management and economic stimulation, by taking account of the needs of those living and working in an area, those passing through during the day, and those shopping or visiting businesses. Selecting an appropriate method of parking control and enforcement is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the scheme, control costs and maintain public support. Clamping and towing cars away should be seen as a last resort, and due to the high level of fixed costs, will require cross-subsidy from other parking activities.

How TTRSA can help

TTRSA have significant experience in developing and implementing parking strategies and schemes covering areas of on-street parking, off-street level and multi-storey parking, and remote parking including park and ride. We have also undertaken reviews and audits of parking systems for those looking to get the most out of their existing assets, so we can assist you in achieving your aims, whether you are looking at:

  • undertaking parking surveys;
  • developing a parking strategy for a town of city;
  • managing on-street parking or reviewing your existing bylaws;
  • reducing parking displacement into residential areas;
  • introducing workplace parking policies or mobility management plans;
  • designing a new car park;
  • improving directional signing to, and within, car parks;
  • maximising parking capacity within an existing car park or area of town;
  • trying to balance your parking account; or,
  • tendering to contract out your parking management service.

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