Mobility Management Plans

A Mobility Management Plan, sometimes called a Workplace Travel Plan, comprises of a package of sustainable transport measures specific to the nature and location of a development. These measures can include providing infrastructure or facilitating walking, cycling and public transport, shuttle bus or car share schemes, parking restraints, video conferencing and flexible working arrangements, to support and encourage sustainable travel for all commuting, business travel and client/visitor travel to that development.

Planning authorities are increasingly requesting MMPs for developments as part of planning applications, and the speculative inclusion of a MMP within a planning application can assist in gaining planning permission.

The benefits for companies with MMPs include:

  • reduced business costs;
  • operational efficiencies;
  • taxation benefits;
  • reduced site parking pressures and associated congestion;
  • health benefits for staff;
  • improved social integration of staff;
  • reduced impact on traffic and road safety; and,
  • enhancing environmental credentials of the development.
How TTRSA can help

The TTRSA team are skilled in mobility and travel planning and can assist in preparing a workplace MMP through:

  • estimating the travel origins and travel patterns of staff for a proposed development;
  • collecting comprehensive travel behaviour and travel pattern information of staff and business travel, for an existing development through surveys and consultation;
  • undertaking analysis of travel patterns using statistical and spatial analysis including Geographical Information Systems (GIS);
  • developing sustainable transport measures appropriate to the staff and business needs of that land-use development;
  • developing material for marketing and raising the awareness of sustainable travel options;
  • setting the objectives and targets for the MMP;
  • undertaking monitoring for MMP;
  • assisting the assessment and design of safe pedestrian and cyclist access to the development;
  • assisting the access requirements or options for public transport or car share schemes; and,
  • assisting the assessment and design of car parking facilities or car parking management options.

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