Policy and Strategy

Whilst in the UK there is a requirement to produce authority-wide transport plans through the LTP process, and many local authorities develop traffic mangement strategies for specific smaller areas, there is currently no statutory requirement for local authorities within Ireland to develop nor implement strategies and plans for delivering improvements to transport. Integrated Framework Plans for Land Use and Transportation (IFPLUTs) developed by many local authorities being non-statutory documents. The Planning and Development (Amendment) Act (2010), requires local authorities to promote 'sustainable settlement and transportation strategies in urban and rural areas' without specifically requiring a specific plan to do so.

There are specific benefits to creating specific transport plans and strategies, not least, challenging the status quo and using different starting points for thought processes. Instead of what land should be zoned, and what roads and infrastructure do we need to build to service the land,  the starting points are more likely to be:

  • what do we need to do to improve the quality of life within the town, city or county?
  • how do we turn the economic potential in terms of the local population and skills, into economic outputs though the location of employment opportunities within reasonable travel distance on foot, by cycle or by public transport?
  • how can we increase the number of people living in our towns and cities to sustain local businesses without causing traffic congestion?
  • how do we create walking, cycling and public transport networks to serve currently discontinuous residential estates and isolated pockets of industrial and indeed retail development that are not always yet contiguous with the town?
  • how do we develop and retain public support for a sustainable transport strategy which isn't focused on promoting unlimited use of the cars, people carriers, utility vehicles and vans?
How TTRSA can help

TTRSA have been developing Sustainable Traffic and Transportation Plans and Strategies both within Ireland, and internationally, for many years. We can help you by drawing on our experience and best practice to develop strategies that are holistic, are supported by the public, and are even deliverable within the current economic conditions.

We are always happy to meet with local authorities and other organisations to discuss:

  • your requirements;
  • how our expertise can be used most effectively; and if appropriate,
  • how we can utilise our combined staff resources to ensure cost effectiveness.

To discuss your requirements or to obtain a quotation contact TTSRA on 015143748. Alternatively send us an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will contact you as soon as possible.