Traffic and Transport Assessments (TTA), Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) and Transport Statements (TS) are usually required for all significant planned developments, and for developments proposed at particularly sensitive locations on the transport or road network.

TTRSA have experience in assessing the impact of developments, and working with developers and local authorities to achieve appropriate and cost effective solutions to problems. With the addition of our traffic survey, road safety audit and mobility management services, we have the ability to address all of your traffic and transport related development needs in-house. TTRSA always work within prevailing guidance such as the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Traffic and Transport Assessment Guidelines.  Whilst this guidance contains threshold values for when an assessment is required, for example developments of more than 100 dwellings, local planning authorities can ask for an assessment of any type and scale of development.

TTRSA ensures that effective scoping is undertaken with relevant planning and highway authorities, which often produces significant cost savings for developers, whilst reducing the likelihood of a Request for Further Information (RFI) on the traffic and transport aspects of a development, or refusal of a development on traffic related grounds.  The main elements of a TTA, TIA  or TS usually include:

  • Undertaking traffic surveys and factoring data to take account of seasonality and growth;
  • Predicting the amount of traffic and transport trips likely to be generated by a proposed development;
  • Predicting how these trips will be routed on the transport network;
  • Analysing the capacity of the transport network to accommodate these trips using appropriate software tools;
  • Proposing mitigation measures where necessary; and,
  • Reviewing the proposed development for compliance with prevailing policies and development standards such as those contained within City and County Development Plans.

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