TTRSA are conscious of both the environmental impact of our working practices and the environmental consequences of poor traffic management, transport planning and traffic engineering.  It is our policy to conduct our business in an environmentally accountable manner which complies with and/or exceeds the standards set by all relevant environmental legislation.  We always seek to minimise the use of resources and where waste products are generated, recycle wherever possible. Our current processes include:

  • Minimising electricity use by tuning off all electrical devices when they are not in use;
  • Minimising waste by not using disposable items where more durable items are available;
  • Minimising waste through the use of electronic rather than paper based media;
  • Using 100% recycled office paper products where available; and,
  • Re-using and recycling waste material including paper, cardboard, plastics; metals; and printer consumables.

We always seek to undertake business related travel in the most environmentally sustainable manner, using walking, cycling and public transport as a preference, and car sharing or trip chaining where the use of private transport is unavoidable.