Traffic Management

Traffic management is all around us and is integral to most peoples lives. Yet, we are far more likely to understand and respond to the negative consequences of poor traffic management:

  • congestion in our urban areas and on our main roads;
  • drivers speeding through residential areas, town and city centres; and
  • accidents involving injury or death.

Whilst much has already been done to reduce these consequences including:

  • improving provisions within local development plans;
  • building new inter-urban roads; and,
  • implementing local road safety schemes,

the benefits resulting from the actions have been offset by a large increase in the number of vehicles on our roads. The number of private cars registered in Ireland increased by 36% between 2001 and 2007, compared to a 12% increase over the same period in Great Britain and a 13% increase in Canada. If the number of private cars per person in Ireland increases to the currently level in Germany, a further increase of nearly 40% would be experienced.

How TTRSA can help

TTRSA have expertise in all areas of traffic management including:

  • speed management and traffic calming;
  • road signing;
  • designing and optimising all types of junctions;
  • catering for all road users within schemes;
  • prioritising public transport;
  • managing parking; and,
  • managing temporary works.
Speed Management and Traffic Calming

TTRSA have worked with both public and private sector clients to successfully integrate speed management within proposed developments and to retrofit traffic calming measures within existing developments. We are sensitive to the requirements of different user groups including: residents; public transport operators; and, maintenance operatives, and produce bespoke solutions for specific locations. We are also conversant with innovative, natural and physiological traffic calming techniques, to take your public realm, regeneration and urban design schemes beyond the use of traditional speed ramps and rumble devices.

Road Signing

How many of the drivers sitting in a traffic queue are actually circulating looking for a parking space? or are lost due to poor road signing? Whilst figures vary significantly, research undertaken in France and the USA suggests that the figure is between 15% and 45%. Furthermore, the annual cost to the French economy has been estimated to be in excess of €700 million based on wasted time alone.

Perhaps more importantly, by improving the clarity and visibility of signing for motorists and other road users, it is sometimes possible to reduce congestion and associated delays, and improve road safety, without making major changes to either the existing road network or adjacent buildings. TTRSA have experience in working with local authorities and developers to:

  • produce signing and routeing strategies;
  • reduce signing clutter through the removal of obsolete and unnecessary signing;
  • reduce the size of signs by optimising sign design;
  • design and specify variable message signing;
  • improve road safety, including through the use of passive technology and vehicle actuated signing.
Junction Optimisation and Design

TTRSA have experience and capability to design, or assist you with the design, of all priority, roundabout and signalised junctions. We are equally proficient in designing:

  • junctions on 'greenfield' sites within new developments;
  • accesses of existing roads into developments; and,
  • modifying existing junctions to increase marginal capacity in constrained locations.

We can assess both the site specific impacts of junctions and wider impacts on the surrounding road network and also undertake Road Safety Audits on junctions designed by others.

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