TTRSA have experience of undertaking on-board and interchange based passenger surveys on buses, metros, trains, at stations and at airports. Whilst passenger surveys typically focus on operators gaining a better understanding of passengers views on the provision of, and quality of, services, a wide range of highly focused business related information can be gathered including:

  • Why users currently travel with a particular operator;
  • The decision making process for deciding on and booking travel;
  • Thoughts on aspects of the existing service or possible service enhancement; and,
  • Unmet demands.

TTRSA also undertakes surveys of users, such as pedestrians, in the urban environment.  Our experience of conducting on-street intercept surveys, also called face-to-face or interview surveys, has been used by local authorities to better understand the opportunities for smarter travel interventions, and such surveys are often the most cost effective and reliable form of data collection when seeking the views of users of a facility or space.

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