Site Layout and Access

Whether you are planning to modify an existing development or planning a new development, the design of your site layout needs to ensure that vehicles can safely access and manoeuvre, and that safe access is provided, where appropriate, for pedestrians; cyclists; and, public transport services. Vehicle access and manoeurvres which need to be accommodated include:

  • the ability to turn safely into and out of the development entrance onto the local highway network;
  • safe turning movements at junctions and on bends within the site;
  • access to, from and within parking areas, including underground and multistorey facilities;
  • access to bus stops; and,
  • adequate manoeuvring space at loading bays, service areas and dedicated turning facilities.
Our Philosophy

Constraints in terms of site layout, site access and the requirement to provide a specific number of car parking spaces are key to the nature, form and function of developments. When developments are designed without taking these factors into account at an early stage, there is a real possibility firstly of the development being refused outright, and secondly that the development will need costly redesign to satisfy the requirements of requests for further information.

We would always recommend that for cost effective development, your transport planner should be engaged at the same time as your architect.  Our approach ensures that we can provide the best advice and level of service to our clients.  We have experience of providing advice and assistance for the design of site layouts, junctions, and urban design enhancements for a wide range of sites, including:

  • residential estates;
  • commercial developments;
  • mixed use developments;
  • holiday parks and leisure developments;
  • industrial developments;
  • educational establishments;
  • care homes and sheltered housing;
  • medical facilities;
  • park and ride sites;
  • service and filling stations;
  • surface and basement parking facilities;
  • wind farms; and
  • extractive industries.
How TTRSA can help

TTRSA can advise or assist at the pre-planning, conceptual or design stage on:

  • junction design;
  • internal route alignment;
  • car parking provision and design;
  • servicing arrangements;
  • access for buses and coaches;
  • access and route tracking for abnormal load and specialist vehicles;
  • tracking site accesses and internal site layouts for standard design vehicles;
  • liaising with local authorities;
  • access for pedestrians and cyclists, including the design of controlled and uncontrolledcrossing facilities; and,
  • Road Safety Audits (RSA) for the internal design of the site or access junction to the local highway.

When advising and assisting with access design, we ensure that the fundamental principal of safe access for all types of road users is applied to each and every design.

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