Development Planning

Each development, regardless of it's nature, scale or location, needs to take account of:

  • safe access to and within the development;
  • the needs of non-motorised users; and,
  • the traffic and transport impact on the existing highway network.
How TTRSA can help

TTRSA provide a comprehensive service in relation to the traffic and transportation aspects of development planning, whether development specific or as part of a masterplan for a site or area.  The main elements of our service being covered within our 'Site Access and Layout', 'Traffic and Transport Impact' and 'Road Safety' pages.

TTRSA also provide a 'document review' service to local authorities, checking traffic and transport related elements of planning applications, typically: site layouts; traffic and transport assessments and road safety audits.  We offer this service on both a flexible and structured basis, for example covering absence due to illness, maternity or annual leave, or reviewing submissions of a size, nature or complexity where local experience may not be available.  We can provide detailed reports for local authorities to use as the basis of their further information requests or planning decisions, or work alongside the local authority in their discussions or negotiations with a developer.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to obtain a quotation.