Public transport is essential to the functioning and growth of towns and cities, providing access to work and services on an relatively low cost and equitable basis.

Park and Ride

Park and Ride (P&R) is the term used to describe systems where people park their cars, motorcycles or bicycles remotely from their ultimate destination and typically use public transport to continue their journey. P&R provides benefits in terms of allowing the use of town and city centre sites to be maximised and reducing the impacts of development on the existing transport networks. TTRSA have experience in all aspects of bus based P&R development from the initial conceptual design of systems and sites, though the development of route upgrades and service profiles, to the tender for, and evaluation of, bus operators.

Bus Priority

TTRSA have been involved in all aspects of bus route priority from initial routeing decisions, conceptual design, consultation, detailed design, preparation of contract documentation, tendering and client's representative on site. We would be happy to provide technical advice on bus priority projects, including providing advice to local authorities and other organisations, or working as part of a team on such projects.

Stops and Interchanges

TTRSA have experience in designing and assessing public transport stops, including:

  • Analysing the optimal location of stops and interchanges taking into account catchment area, facilities and road safety considerations;
  • Ensuring that stops and interchanges are accessible to all users; and,
  • The design and configuration of bus stops and interchanges, both within urban and rural areas, ensuring that facilities are accessible through Swept Path Analysis, integration of stops within the streetscape and/or site, and minimising potential conflict between the users of different forms of transport.

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