TTRSA works with Environmental Consultants, Engineering Consultants and Planning Consultants in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR), undertaking all elements required for the production of the Traffic and Transport Impact chapter within the EIAR. When working on EIAR, TTRSA always follows prevailing guidance such as that issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and works within the framework of overarching legislation, to meet the requirements of the prevailing EIA Directive, currently 2014/52/EU. TTRSA have assessed the traffic related impacts of a wide range of developments including:  Anaerobic Digesters; Extractive Industries; Food Processing Plants; and, Power Generation including Wind Farms.

TTRSAs involvement typically includes a range of elements, such as:

  • Liaison and scoping with relevant planning authorities and external organisations;
  • Undertaking traffic surveys to establish baseline data;
  • Considering delivery routes for equipment including abnormal load deliveries from ports of entry, including swept path analysis;
  • Assessing traffic and transport related impact in the construction, operational and decommissioning phases of a development; and,
  • Developing and recommending mitigation measures.

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