TTRSA have experience of advising on the management of tourist traffic in a number of settings including: tourist driving routes; cycle touring routes; visitor centres; visitor attractions; and, destinations such as forest activity centres and national parks.  Our experience has told us that each site is unique in terms of its catchment; visitor profile; and, traffic profile, and one of the biggest challenges often faced is managing a large number of conflicting movements, including everything from individual pedestrians to 15m long tourist coaches on a constrained site.

TTRSA can provide technical assistance in a wide range of situations:

  • Architects, engineers and designers often rely on our Swept Path Analysis for customised vehicles, such as European tourist coaches in current use;
  • Our in-house Traffic Count solutions allow us to be flexible to the needs of a site, often focusing the type or duration of a survey based on site requirements;
  • We have a wide range of experience in establishing tourist related travel demand which isn't found in industry standard trip generation databases; and,
  • We appreciate that solutions need to facilitate peak and off-peak demand, with a mix of permanent and seasonal (overflow) provision.

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