Traffic and Transport Impact

Every development results in additional trips to and from the development, adding to traffic volume on the existing highway network. Depending on the nature, scale and location of the development, the associated trips and vehicles types, may adversely impact on the existing highway network resulting in congestion, delays and reduced road safety.

Key to the granting of planning permission, particularly for large developments is a professional assessment of:

  • the impact of development on the highway network;
  • proposed measures to reduce or mitigate any impact;
  • the safety of access to and within the development; and,
  • accessed by vulnerable road users and sustainable modes of transport.

This assessment is frequently requested to accompany planning applications as a Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA), Transport Assessment (TA), Transport Statement (TS) or transport or infrastructure chapter of an Environmental Statement (ES). These generally follow the format and contents specified within prevailing national guidelines, adapted as necessary, and agreed in advance, with the relevant planning or highway authority through a process of scoping.

How can TTRSA help

TTRSA have extensive experience in preparing and TTAs, TAs and transport chapters of ESs, for a wide range of developments. We can assist by:

  • liaising with the relevant planning and highways authority on the traffic and transport elements of a proposed development at the pre-planning stage;
  • scoping and preparing a TTA, TA or transport chapter of an ES as part of a planning application, whether at:
    • pre-planning;
    • following a Request for Further Information; or,
    • to support, or following, a planning appeal.
  • providing advice or assistance to ensure developments meet local and national policy standards;
  • providing advice to ensure that the site meets road safety requirements including undertaking Road Safety Audits (RSA) if required; and,
  • providing advice or developing sustainable transport measures for the site including preparing Mobility Management Plans or Workplace Travel Plans.

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