In the urban design context, Quality Audits are a combination of a range of 'Audits' undertaken by teams of specialists to create an holistic approach to designing place, including developments and masterplanning, whilst balancing conflicting demands.  Quality Audits are contained within the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DMURS) and also the UK Manual for Streets which is referenced within development standards by many local planning authorities in Ireland.

TTRSA works within teams, which are often architect or engineer led, covering elements such as Road Safety Audit and Movement (Accessibility including Mobility Impaired, Walking, Cycling, Public Transport, Non-motorised Users).  The team leader then produces a summary report 'The Quality Audit' which combines the input of the specialists including TTRSA.

Quality Audits can be undertaken at a number of stages within a design:

  • Stage 0 - Objective setting at scheme conception;
  • Stage 1 - Preliminary design;
  • Stage 2 - Detailed design, but before completion of the design;
  • Stage 3 - After construction, but before opening to the public;
  • Stage 4 - After construction, monitoring.

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Note: Quality Audits in this context are not related to Quality Management Systems such as ISO9001.