TTRSA have experience in developing all aspects of cycling including: the creation of policies; the development of plans and networks; and, the design and implementation of urban and rural cycle routes.  It is our experience that cycling is an efficient mode of transport for short journeys, providing benefits for health and the environment and accessibility. and that increasing the levels of cycling to specific facilities such as a school/college or workplace can be achieved relatively easily through the use of mobility management techniques and localised traffic management improvements.

TTRSA can assist with all areas of cycling development including:

  • Developing a strategic vision and/or plan for cycling including consultation:
  • Identifying a cycle route network taking into consideration other factors such as: existing cycle infrastructure provision and use; road safety; and, the potential for future route improvements;
  • Undertaking a review of, or audit of, existing cycle infrastructure;
  • Preparing road safety audits for cycling related schemes; and,
  • Assessing the traffic related impacts for cycling and tourist venues.

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